Reflexology – what does it feel like?

The short answer is ‘it depends’. Reflexologists have different treatment styles and some use much harder pressure than others. It’s worth asking about this  before you book a treatment as some people do have a preference.


Some therapists will treat on a couch with you lying flat (or with your head & shoulders slightly elevated if you prefer); others will treat on a chair – very like a sun lounger chair you might have in your garden. This can be tipped back so your feet are easily accessible for the therapist (again this can be modified to suit you).


My touch is  generally very light. I will move from one area of your foot to another, starting with your toes and moving between the feet as I gradually work down to the heel. I will work on the base and the top of your feet and ankles.


I will apply some firm massage along the spine reflex. I also use holds to reinforce links between certain points representing, for example, glands like the adrenal gland. Sometimes the experience for you can feel ‘crunchy’ or a bit tender if a point is ‘out of balance’.


Most reflexologists will massage your feet with some lotion at the end of the treatment. This provides a finishing movements for the therapy and a signal to you that the treatment is, unfortunately, nearly over.


It’s hard to describe how your feet feel after a treatment – alive is maybe the best word. Generally a feeling of wellbeing spreads from your feet to the rest of your body. Most people have a really good sleep the night following the treatment.


If you are thinking about giving reflexology a try get in touch with a few therapists you like the look of and have a chat to them on the phone or by email – get a feel for them as people. You need to feel comfortable with them.


Give it a go – you won’t regret it.



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