Reflexology and gastric problems

Reflexology and gastric reflux (indigestion)

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) is a chronic condition where acidic gastric juices from the stomach  flow back into the oesophagus causing discomfort and or pain. These acidic juices can damage the oesophagus. Treatment is generally  via medication to neutralise the acidity such as ant-acids or  medication to reduce the production of gastric juices like proton pump inhibitors  (Omeprazole is one of these). Men and women are equally affected.


I experienced GORD in my 40s. I was treated with proton pump inhibitors which initially were effective but them quickly became less so. After a period increasing the dose, which worked then wore off, I sought help from a reflexologist. That was 18 years ago. I have continued to have regular reflexology treatment and the GORD has not returned. It is possible that would have been the case now without reflexology but I choose to continue because I believe it keeps me well generally.

I have several clients who come to me for reflexology treatment on a regular basis for GORD. Interestingly, during the first lockdown, because these clients were not having regular reflexology, the GORD eventually returned. For me this indicated  that reflexology has a part to play in managing GORD but also that clients do not always need to come back once a month.


Some prefer monthly treatments as each session is a whole body balance and makes them feel good. I am happy to explore what works best for each individual.  It could be that for ongoing management of GORD symptoms you could only need to return every 8 weeks. That’s 6 treatments a year….


MP June 2021

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