Reflexology and the Endocrine System

Reflexology and the endocrine system

Most complementary therapists use the word balance – a lot! The endocrine system is the way our bodies maintain balance so they are functioning optimally. As a reflexologist I work on all the organs of the endocrine system – from the master gland and overall commander the pituitary to the ovaries and thyroid. This system is important for all our day to day functioning but particularly important for reproductive cycles. For women this cycle is ever present for a large part of their lives, a monthly reminder, which can be problematic for many and then the changes of the menopause which can be a prolonged and wearing experience.


As a reflexologist I do not claim the ability to eliminate these issues. However, I have found that many women will find their symptoms become easier to tolerate after treatment with reflexology. Every treatment aims to balance all the body systems but when the issues are largely hormonal I will then return to focus on the endocrine symptoms. Most clients will need two or  three weekly treatments to start to feel improvements then can move to wider gaps between treatments. These maintenance treatments act as a nudge to the endocrine system and keep it in balance, calming symptoms and increasing your ability to tolerate them.  It’s very personal and the treatment will be tailored to you and your particular issues.


J came to me with typical symptoms of menopause. She says: ‘at the height of my hot flushes, sleeplessness, fatigue  I visited Maggie on a regular basis. Reflexology calmed my symptoms and enhanced my wellbeing. It rebalances your whole system


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